Highlighting the struggles of women across several generations, 

two stories questioning faith, when each face life changing decisions.

Two generations, both facing religious and political climate of women's abortion rights in a changing world, where women face emotional consequences with their choice.

After World War Two, while raising a family and working to keep the food on the table, a couple struggle to reunite. Sammy was fighting in the Pacific on the USS Bunker Hill, while Anita worked for the garment union in New York City and was raising her young daughter. When Sammy returned, life was challenging and Frances begins to feel the distance between her parents relationship.


At a shrine in the woods, she prays for a baby sister to heal their relationship. But when Anita learns her pregnancy it may risk her life. 


Years later, Zoe, her granddaughter, experiences the same struggle looking for answers when a life crossroads choice must be made. 

"Small Miracles" cast

Janna Zonder, Rebecca Kyler Downs, Kathleen McManus,

Stephanie Kallos, Maryann Pezone. Michael Moss.

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