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This story attempts to dramatizes the changing landscape of women's rights, in America.

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Highlighting the hard choices the choices our Grandmothers' made, we continue the family story into the next generation.

 Now its the 1970s, all sides meet up years later when their Grandmother Anita, has passed on. When the wine and the family photo album comes out, the story of Anita's struggle is read by her great granddaughter, Zoe. We find out her mother, a Christian conservative, has forbid her to use the pill, so when Zoe arrives at the reunion, she does another pregnancy test confirming her fears. Zoe reaches out to her Aunt Rita, a single woman, who offers her a different view on the choices in front of  her. When Zoe's cousin Jessy, a Christian Conservative, finds the pregnancy strip in the bathroom, she tells Zoe's mother Clare. A fight ensues in the kitchen where words are minced with leftovers and assaulted at each other with velocity. The conflict between Zoe and Clare intensifies as Rita denounces the dogma and encourages Zoe to think for herself. As sides are drawn, an eventual drink is poured to heal all wounds, and a thunderstorm suddenly brings out a rainbow. Seeing the transition, the healing begins when the love between family becomes greater than the issue.

Using the same actors, aged, meet at the funeral of their grandmother, Anita. Tessy, a Christian conservative, has forbidden her daughter Stephanie to use the pill. Sophie, tolerant of daughter Zoe's rebelliousness, has no clue she sneaks into the bathroom to take a pregnancy test confirming her fears. Frances, still single, offers a progressive view on the new feminist thought. But Cousin Stephanie, also a Christian Conservative, finds Zoe's pregnancy strip in the bathroom and tells mother Tessy.  As the sisters divide Anitas' belongings. Tessy blurts it out and a fight ensues in the kitchen where words become minced with leftovers assaulted with velocity. Frances reveals she was assaulted by an uncle and never told anyone fearing they wouldn't believe her. She's now involved with another woman and advises Zoe on abortion and tells Stephanie to think for herself. Tessy and Stephanie argue with a bible quote answer for everything. As sides are drawn, a sudden thunderstorm pours down. 

Actress Julia Fae

as "Zoe"


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