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How I Bridged the Post 2 Production Continental Divide

This the time in life to do what you want, they so I took it literally. Tired of editing lte nights or all night, I decided to give my hands a break which painfully dove me to and from working long hours in the editing room. It became increasingly clear I was miserable editing all alone in isolation when I could be using my fabulous personality and smarts to be on set.

For those of us who ponder how best to be directors, the path isn't easy. Since I started out my career as a script supervisor at the ripe old age of Twenty, on the set of "In The Heat Of The Night" in Covington, Georgia. Working over the next ten years on productions, I crossed over into being a Union Editor and made a glorious career out of reality television and the crazy Kardashians. Things were great until the business changed and reality television slowed down to a standstill and the film business moving to other places - like Covington, Georgia. Right down the street from our family are three television series shooting and several lined up to go. Ironic how life turns around and brings it right to your front door. Since my interests have gone back to writing and passion for words, I look forward to keeping you on my journey as I document not only going home, but started over. A fabulous new world is about to begin.